Sailing to Ibiza and Balearic Islands

Adventure to the Islands

From 800€/person

1 week

trip duration is 1 week, enough to visit the whole island

Soft Drinks

Beer, Soda, water, and cava (Catalan Champagne)


Cheese, Catalan Fuet, Olives, chips, bread

The Sky's The Limit

Sailing Experience to Ibiza

This tour is designed for those who are looking to have a unique experience. If you are a passionate traveller or just a bon viveur, you are welcome to spend several days (up to one week) on board our magnificent boat! During this one week voyage you will be able to completely disconnect from your preoccupations and spend an unforgettable week with family or friends. Forget about crowds of people, noise and the daily commute, and relax in a private atmosphere. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to see the whole island, sailing along the coast while discovering new beaches with hidden natural treasures. You can disembark for some time to have a leisurely walk and enjoy earthly pleasures. The crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea will be calmly waiting for you before you are taken to new places, full of picturesque views. Embrace the tranquility throughout the day and the vibrancy of sounds during the night time. Visit the Castle of Ibiza – one of the most impressive sites on the island. From a hilltop overlooking Eivissa you will enjoy the panorama of its famous harbour. We are certain you will bring back home a lot of fascinating pictures to show and some enchanting memories to share.

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