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America’s Cup Barcelona 2024

Do you want to enjoy America’s Cup regattas from the sea? At Boat Trip we offer you the possibility to follow the regattas from one of our boats. Come and Join us now!

America's Cup 2024 Regattas

Match Race Final & Third Preliminary Regattas

The America’s Cup, often referred to as the “Auld Mug,” is the pinnacle of yachting, and in 2024, the world turned its gaze to the shimmering shores of Barcelona. As the oldest international sporting trophy, the America’s Cup has a history that spans over a century, and Barcelona’s selection as the host city added a touch of Mediterranean charm to this historic event.

Enjoy with us a day of racing from our boats.

The 37th America’s Cup

America’s Cup 2024

  • 20 – 25 August: Last Regatta Preliminary  Barcelona
  • 29 – 11 September: Louis Vuitton Cup – Round Rubin
  • 14 – 23 September: Louis Vuitton Cup – Semi final
  • 26 September – 7 October:  Final Louis Vuitton.
  • 12 – 27 October: Match Race Final Louis Vuitton.

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Enjoy the America's Cup from the sea

Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy the training, previous series and the regatta between the final contestants is from the sea. Boat Trip offers you different types of craft so that you can watch the race as close as possible: you will spend a chilled day at sea, enjoying your favourite sport and you will feel part of the competition.

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America’s Cup for press

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America’s Cup for the fans

If you are passionate about the sea and regattas, you are in the right place. Book a place on board one of our available boats and you will have the chance of watching the America’s Cup from the sea at a few metres distance. Hurry up as there are limited places available!

We also offer the option of booking our boats privately for groups. Are you interested?

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America’s Cup for press

If you are planning on covering the America’s Cup as press, we have got an ideal way of doing so: we will cover the event on board our RIB, allowing us to get closer to the contestants as well as getting better angles for photos, video providing the best results for your project.

When is the America’s Cup going to be hosted in Barcelona?

The celebration of the 37th America’s Cup is planned to be taking place between August and October 2024, although the training and first series will start in 2023, nevertheless Barcelona is already getting ready for organising this competition.

Port Vell in the city centre will be the base port for all the teams.

Event’s setup

The 37th America’s Cup will be divided in several races concluding with the Match in October. The preliminary regattas will be the warm up before the Challenger Selection Series. It is in this part where the final contestants will qualify for competing against the Defender for the final prize. In this edition, both the Women’s America’s Cup and the Youth America’s Cup will compete at the highest level, paving the way for the next generations of sailors.

Preliminary Regattas

There are up to three programmed preliminary regattas, the two first ones in the AC40 class and the last one, in Barcelona, in the AC75 class. The details of the rules, scores and conditions will be revealed closer to the date of the race.

challenge seriesamerica cup

Challenger Selection Series

September 2024

The Challenger Selection Series will determine what team will confront the current champion, Emirates Team New Zealand, in the America’s Cup Match. Consisting of a first phase, the Round Robin (league system) and a final phase. Depending on the number of contestants and the available time, Round Robin will be a simple or a double round. The two first teams will qualify for the final stage The winner will be the first Challenger to achieve a minimum of 6 points on the final stage.

America’s Cup Match

Starting on October 12, 2024.

In October 2024, the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand will face the Challenger Selection Series winner in a 13 regattas Match. Each regatta will be a match race between the two teams. Each regatta’s winner will add a point to their score The first team to get seven points will become the 37th America’s Cup Defender.

Youth & Women America’s Cup

September – October 2024

The Youth and Women’s America’s Cup will take place at the same location as the other regattas, along Barcelona’s coast line, during the final stages of the Challenger Selection Series and the start of the America’s Cup Match.

Both regattas will be contested between 12 teams divided in two groups of six for an initial fleet regatta. The first group will be formed by the teams competing in the America’s Cup. The second team will be formed by non directly involved nautical clubs that comply with the 37th America’s Cup rules of participation.

Both groups will participate in a series of 6 to 9 fleet regattas. The three best contestants of each group will get through to the final stage, consisting in 3 to 4 fleet regattas. Only the two best teams of this competition will reach the match-race to determine the absolute champion of their category.

Both competitions will be undertaken by a fleet of six monotype AC40s provided by the America’s Cup teams.


Opposite to what you would have thought, the name of this competition is not related to the continent where it was born, but to the name of the ship that won the first edition of this event. The first America’s Cup was celebrated in London on the 22nd of August 1881 due to the Great Exposition.

The America’s ship owner, John Cox Stevens, donated the trophy, a silver vase, to the New York’s yacht club with a requirement; that an international competition was created in the shape of a regatta and that the prize was that same trophy.

The event is programmed to take place during September and October 2024

All eyes will be on the sea, but for the duration of the regattas all the city will be focused on this sport event; if you are planning on following the races from the sea, you can choose some of the options we offer at Boat Trip, where the starting point will be el Port Olimpic. Also, Port Vell will be hosting all the big teams involved, and the area will be open for fans to visit and check out the boats that will be participating.

Currently, Emirates Team New Zealand is the holder of the trophy. This team will be based next to the press and the America’s Cup offices in the port.

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