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This tour is designed for both experienced travellers and those who are trying sailing for the first time. And it doesn’t matter if you are a tourist and came to visit just for a week or if you live in Barcelona and know it all. We are pretty sure you will be surprised by what you see during the trip as you view the coast from a new perspective.

We will start our trip at Port Olympic and sail to the Garraf’s coast with its rocky cliffs and crystal turquoise waters. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, because we will have an entire day for exploring the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea. You will have the opportunity to practise paddleboarding or snorkelling or even to try being the skipper – obviously under the guidance of a professional captain.

Celebrate life by paying attention to tiny details while listening to your favourite music and enjoying heartfelt conversations with friends or family. We will be happy to see you on board our magnificent boat and help you make those moments even more unique by offering delicious tapas and cava!


* Activities and destinations can be modified according to the weather conditions or your personal preferences.

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Full Day Tour

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Full Day Tour

Disconnect Full Day From The City
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