Sailing to Costa Brava

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Beer, Soda, water, and cava (Catalan Champagne)


Cheese, Catalan Fuet, Olives, chips, bread

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Sailing Experience to Costa Brava

We are lucky to live by one of the most attractive coasts in Spain – The Costa Brava – and invite you to discover its beauty with us. The trip usually lasts for 3 days depending on the weather conditions. You will have enough time to discover amazing beaches and enjoy the picturesque views of secluded coves. If you have ever thought of travelling to the Caribbean, but still haven’t done it for some reason, get ready: the experience we are about to offer you will be quite similar to the one you have always dreamt about!

The Costa Brava is a coastal region about 60 km away from Barcelona. People come here for snorkelling or scuba diving. It is a fantastic holiday destination and has a lot to showcase to its visitors. While enjoying the crystal clear waters of the region, you can sunbathe on the boat or disembark to lie on the beach. Try the delicious food found in local restaurants and have a relaxing stroll around one of the many appealing resort towns of The Costa Brava.There is nothing better than spending a restful night on the beach surrounded by pine forests – you just need to select your perfect location!

We are sure you will never forget this spectacular trip and bring home the most charming reminiscences which will warm up your evenings back home. The Costa Brava is waiting for you!

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