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The Hotel W in Barcelona

Hotel W is one of the building is represented in the skyline of Barcelona

Guess what we are going to tell you about in this blog?! Locals call it «La Vela» (sail) and tourists come here to the beach to have a look at this fascinating creation every year! There are several ship-themed buildings in the world, and W hotel is one of them.

It is situated in the Barceloneta district, near the Port of Barcelona. The hotel was designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill and it forms a part of Marriott International, Inc., an American hotel chain.

W hotel visually resembles the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai but it has its own strong character along with subtle touches which undoubtedly make it stand out. La Vela attracts people from all over the world and gives them the unique experience they are looking for.

The structure overlooks the sea and symbolises a passion for adventure, freedom and an insatiable thirst for life. The five-star hotel comprises 473 rooms, 67 suites, a rooftop bar, a spa and other essential facilities. We are pretty sure you will receive impeccable service and have an opportunity to taste the exquisite food here.

Not many people know that W personnel has its own nomenclature and vocabulary to communicate with each other. For instance, the employees are called «Talents» here because all people who come to work for the brand are extremely talented in their professional areas. Would you feel special being called a Talent or does it seem to be an insignificant detail? We think that a positive attitude and friendly relationships at work can make all the difference. They form a perfect crew and inspire each other towards providing a better service – that’s why this beautiful building with its inner life story resonates with our own attitude to work so much!

The area of Barceloneta and the front and back terraces of the hotel are also appealing for sport loving, active people. They come here for training, skating or just to watch the sea waves. You can always find peace and isolation in this place or, on the contrary, meet lots of people similar to you, who are playing games or riding their bikes. W reflects the sun rays, and it looks different at every hour, so that you will never get tired of the view and keep discovering new photoshoot angles with the help of your talent and imagination.

In the night time the hotel offers a variety of entertainment for enthusiastic party lovers. Alternatively, you can choose the more tranquil atmosphere of the restaurant and enjoy the coastal view from the inside of the hotel. You might even notice two small spots in the distance – these are our sailboats Maggie May and Catharina Maria resting in the port while waiting for the next day approaches. It is just 15 minutes walk away from La Vela.

We are looking forward to seeing you around here! And don’t forget your camera, because it will be impossible to hide away from the most amazing views of Barcelona!

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